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Currently I am doing  business directly so just click on the contact me link up the page and just do what you
need to do.

I plan on opening up my ebay store again and selling Westclox clock servicing, repairs and restorations under
the user name cloxmonkey.
 My ebay Store.  

I will be posting only newly serviced or restored clocks on ebay.  After one month they will come here and stay
in my store.   Other than clocks, every once in a while will work on a wrist watch or pocket watch when the need
arises or I simply get the urge to do so.  Some of the links above may or may not work.  Yahoo's sight builder
tends to somehow delete portions of my web pages.  So if you run into a missing sentence or paragraph, it not
my fault.  Pages that I will add will be a movement data base to assist in their disassembly and reassembly, dial
data base, repair procedures for the brave, clock data base and a for sales page.  

The style of clock above is probably what got you
hooked on Westcloxes.  For the most part it is the
case styling that grabs your attention as well as the
large size of the clock; this is not the typical small
alarm clock.  This is a very hefty clock. Then there
are elegant clocks like the style 3 Chime Alarm.  
Both of these clocks as well as many of the early
Westclox alarm clocks are becoming very

On my site you can purchase or have a clock
restored as well as learn to repair and service your
own clocks.  I hope many will find this site helpful.  
Mainly I hope you enjoy these clocks as much as I

Let me explain the name CloxMonkey.  I specialize
in the servicing, repair and restoration of vintage
Big and Baby Ben Westclox clocks.  Have you heard
of grease monkeys?  Well, I am a CloxMonkey; so
goes the sites name.  Although I specialize in Big
and Baby Ben restorations; I often work on other
brands and types of clocks.
Restored 1919 Jeweler's Style 1A Big Ben
If you have any suggestions or comments just email me at